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Políticas y Prácticas


Human Resources at Polin executes an objective task with a social and lawful aspect which is based on productivity principle and which motivates the employees, filtrates the moral duress on them and provides the return of company productivity to the employees. According to the above tasks and based on the philosophy that our employees are the most important input that will lead to success, our Human Resources Policy is to provide the recruitment of employees who will continuously improve themselves and Polin and to provide the continuity of the systems required for productivity and satisfaction of employees, thus providing the continuity of Polin’s sectoral leadership.

Human Resources Policy Our policies and procedures have evolved through... All our human resources endeavours are built around our values.

  • - Compromiso Corporativo
  • - Honestidad
  • - Calidad
  • - Fiabilidad
  • - Liderazgo
  • - Éxito Enfoque
  • - Dinamismo
  • - Integridad
  • - Valor para Compañeros, Clientes y Empleados
  • - Foco del Cliente
  • - Trabajo en Equipo

Our policies and procedures have evolved through a consultative process with a high degree of employee involvement. This has helped us create a non-hierarchical, flexible, creative, happy and informal work environment. The welfare of employees is an essential principle for Polin. We aim to provide all Polin employees with competitive terms of employment. All employees will be encouraged to play a full part in personal career development through progressive human resource and training arrangements.

To create this environment we have formulated a number of human resources policies to develop individual and as a result corporate potential.

Human Resources Practices
We only work with the leading suppliers around...

Recruitment and Selection
Our Objective is to be the most preferred and valued employer in the aquatics and recreational industry.

Training & Development
Our Objective is to focus on identifying, assuring and supporting our team members to develop the key competencies that enable them to better perform their current or future jobs.

Performance Management
Our Objective is to measure performance systematically which will eventually lead to an increase in both the individual’s and company’s success.

Career Planning
Our Objective is to align career goals of our employees with Polin’s business strategies.

Polin’s HR Practices:
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