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Responsabilidad Social


En Polin somos plenamente conscientes de nuestra responsabilidad de contribuir a la salud del mundo y el bienestar de la sociedad.

Por eso tratamos de adaptar nuestros objetivos a las  cambiantes necesidades  de la sociedad. Llevamos a cabo  prácticas empresariales responsables y mantenemos  los estándares éticos más altos en todo lo que hacemos.

En este contexto, siempre somos estrictos cumplidores de las  leyes,  de los estándares éticos y  de los derechos humanos. Con esta conciencia social, definimos objetivos en educación, ambiente, salud y otras cuestiones de responsabilidad social, y realizamos campañas para conseguirlos. Realizamos subvenciones y  pagos  para la protección del medio ambiente, nuestro lugar de trabajo es un lugar responsable  y  participamos en programas de la comunidad local.

Grants and payments, protecting the environment, workplace responsibility and local community programs are just some of these campaigns.

Here are some examples of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects:

Our Campaign with Red Crescent since 2008
Since 2008 each year, in cooperation with the Red Crescent, we are organising a blood donation campaign. The officers of health from Red Crescent comes to Polin, organising the blood units, and Polin team donates. 

We Bring Culture!
With the project of ‘TNT Express Brings Culture’, books were collected with all Polin employees participation and sent to TNT for transportation to schools… 

Cargo Bags to Recycling, Children to Schools!
We implement a project with ‘MNG Cargo’ to collect used cargo polyester bags and bring them in to recycling. And the earnings coming from the recycling will be used to build new schools where required. With this project, we benefit to education and also to environment. 

The Shoe Campaign: Shoe to People in Need!
We organized a campaign to collect shoes and bring them to people who need, with Beta Shoes Company. We collected the shoes which our workers have and don’t need anymore, sent to Beta Shoes Company. The Beta Shoes Company renewaled all of them and delivered… 

Paper Consumption
Polin has converted all its catalogs and made them reachable though download for its customers to reduce paper consumption. We have added footnotes to all our e-mails reminding the importance of saving trees.

Waste Management and Recycling
Currently, we have a broad range of recycling and waste management initiatives at our factories to address paper products, aluminum cans, glass and plastic as well as printing operations, maintenance operations, disposal of non-recyclables and water management. We consistently monitor our efforts in each of these areas and constantly look for improvements. We have implemented water saving measures at our corporate office.

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